Yes, Yes, lettering and Design as One. I think Lettering can get a bit regulated as not a design skill, so I figured hard linking the two here might be a good idea. Or a terrible idea. It's all up in teh air still!
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The do's and don'ts in lettering can seem a bit rigid, even cranky, but as someone in class taking lettering lessons, but who has edited prose & comics(most recently), lettering is like grammar- done well, it allows the story & art to flow. Done terribly, it negates the beauty. Consistency is a huge factor, developing a style you don't vary from for a whole book, but getting the basics down pat.

I've seen good and bad lettering out there. It does affect your perception of the entire book, including the art. Which is sad. It's also why I'm learning lettering professionally, to add it to my portfolio of things I CAN do to keep quality at a high level in my projects.
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Re: Lettering

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I'm not a fan of the idea of rules for lettering comics, or at least I'm not a fan of the way they're presented on some of the lettering font websites, or when people talk about them on twitter.

I'm talking about things like always use a crossbar I for the pronoun, but non-crossbar I when in a word, and things like that.

They're actually great tips, and are really useful to know, but I hate the way they're presented as rules for comics, when really they're conventions for a certain segment of the comics market - mainstream US superhero comics, really.

There are all sorts of different ways to letter comics because it's such a wonderfully varied medium. Comics from around the world have completely different traditions, and non-mainstream US comics often letter in completely different ways.

I just had to get that off my chest. I guess I do like the rules for lettering, as they're almost all great and valuable tips. I just wish they were presented more as a 'guidelines and conventions for mainstream US comics lettering' rather than 'rules for lettering comics'.
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