I.Newman: The Lurch Webcomic anthology.

Drop your portfolio in here. Artists, stick a few pages in and a link to your online portfolio, make the subject your name and what you're doing ("PJ Holden Pencilling/Inking")

In the happenstance an editor chances your way...

Writers, I think the best think is links to online works, with a short paragraph about them. Things that are complete and already out in the world.
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I.Newman: The Lurch Webcomic anthology.

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Webcomics scripted and drawn by me in my spare time while I work full time as an English teacher.

Won runner-up for my five page strip, The Re-creators in the Dundee Comics Prize 2018.

Mollusc is a black and white 45 page horror webcomic set on the shores of Loch Ness - a scotch broth of legends and folklore and schlocky monster mayhem.

On A Limb is a four page sci-fi Future Shocks style story - a grotesque inspired by the Roald Dahl short story Man From The South

Tom Titan of the Cylinder is a pulpy sci-fi work in progress. A crew of cosmoclones transport a valuable cargo in The Cylinder, a deep space vessel, when something starts picking them off one by one. The art is pretty ropey on this one, but I'm about to redraw the initial pages with a more palatable style.

If you like what you see, I am primarily interested in writing. I would consider trying my hand at drawing another writer's short script.

Thanks for reading.


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