2020 Week 26 in Review

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2020 Week 26 in Review

Post by pj »

I've taken to using Sundays as a way to calibrate the rest of my week, what I supposed to do last week, what I did last week, and what I intend to do next week. Who wants to join in?

It's 2020, week 26 Jun 28th.

My plan this week (looking at my notice board) was to send of a 2000ad invoice (CHECK! CHEQUE!) then spend the rest of the week finishing this thing for the finish institute (they wanted to do a comic book version of their annual report, three artists, doing three chunks, each of us approaching it differently - it's the sort of not-comics comics that you get asked to do sometimes) so I did that. The Saturday and Sunday I'd intended to finish this four page The77 script. My week got dereailed at this point by some tv work (storyboarding) as well as doing some other dull household thing. My fault, I should set weekends done for work.

Next week, looks like this:
MON the77 / Storyboard work.
TUE the77 / Storyboard work.
WED the77 / Storyboard
THU the77 / storyboard
FRI layouts for the latest Noam Chimpsky
SAT & SUN a new secret project.

The problem is story boarding work can just obliterate any schedule, but that's how it looks. Made more complex, in NI, by it now being officially the school summer holidays. (Yes, my kids have been home anyway, so I dunno if this will be better or worse)

Anyway, how's your week? (*DO other people do this?)
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Re: 2020 Week 26 in Review

Post by GeoffRichards »

I’ll join in. I only get to comic at the weekend, as my job leaves me mentally dysfunctional during the week!

This weekends plan involved:
Sorting prints for kickstarter rewards - failed due to lack of quotes. (This is my first time getting them printed in Singapore, where I live).
Going through roughs for issue 3 of Herd - easy because the artist pretty much always nails them.
Scripting act one of issue 2 of The Hidden - done. However, the artist will come back with 1million great ideas and things will change.

Next weekend:
Post kickstarter rewards for issue 2 of Herd.
Script act two of issue 2 of The Hidden.
Make first draft of Kickstarter page for issue 1 of The Hidden - hope to launch end of July.

I currently have 2 comics in production - Herd and Hidden. As you can see, my comic time splits between writing and admin for these. I have plans for a third series, but I don’t think I can take it on at the moment.
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