Arts Council Grants

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Arts Council Grants

Post by pj »

Has anyone any experience of applying for arts council grants for comics? (and specifically for kickstarter?)

Looks like you can apply for a grant for projects for up to 3k in NI, and I'm thinking it might be worth going for (the worst thing they can do is laugh and say no)

I'm not familiar at all with the process, but it doesn't look too difficult, but you do need to specically hit certain criteria (for you personally, rather than, say, the project)

So, have you done it, tried it? failed to get or succeeded to secure a bit of funding?

(3k would go a long way to ensuring I can get a chunk of a thing off the ground...)
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Re: Arts Council Grants

Post by DanWhitehead »

I've not done it directly, but I am working on a game that got Arts Council funding and it's a long, involved process. We had a producer with experience in going after funding like this, and I think that made a huge difference.
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Re: Arts Council Grants

Post by ArtofAdamLumb »

Yes I’ve done it for Arts Council England. I wasn’t successful. Though I know people who have been before Kickstarter existed. My Kickstarter was successful. It depends whether your work meets the goals for public funding more than the next artist. Understanding the guidance for Arts Council and speaking to their staff pre-application is probably wise. Since I was unsuccessful I not the best person to advise beyond “give your self the best chance to meet their criteria better than the next artist“. ... the-tide-2

Best wishes to all applying.

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