Layout Books

The Channel Hex Layout Books are books designed by PJ Holden for creatives from various industries. Designed and built by a professional comic artist, the books are print on demand using Amazon’s KDP and will be available with a variety of covers.

Every cover features a writing area for a brief list of contents, as well as another for dating the book (though you can use these as you like!)

The spine features a clean white design allowing you to write some memorable information so you can stack and quickly see which book is which.

The books feature a blank page facing a specially designed layout page. The Layout page is spaced away from the cetnre allowing you to slice the page out for later scanning or removal. The blank side allows you to make notes or simply leave it blank..

The range so far consists of:

US Comic Layout Book (9pp) – Nine layouts per page. 120 Pages, with blank pages facing 9 layout panels.

US Comic Layout Book (4pp) – 120 pages. Four layouts per page allow precise pencilling with facing pages.

16:9 Storyboard Layouts (8pp) – 120 pages. 8 storyboard layouts (at 16:9 ratio) per page, along with space for scene/camera notes. Again all facing blank pages.